Anti-slip coatings for more safety

The right anti-slip coating
for every application

Falling accidents are a common phenomenon, and often entail serious health and financial consequences. Every year, about 1.8 million adults in Germany suffer an injury from a falling accident that requires medical attention (1). Moreover, one in five accidents at work is a tripping, slipping or falling accident (2). These dangers can be avoided quite easily! For this purpose, we are presenting our new “anti-slip coatings” product range here.

(1) Source: Robert Koch Institute / Falling Accidents in Germany
(2) Source: German Statutory Accident Insurance (DGUV) / occupational accidents 2015

303 Anti-Slip Spray

Anti-slip spray is the fast solution for more slip prevention and consequently more safety For inside and outside. In the bath, in the shower tray and wherever there is a risk of slipping. Easy application to surfaces such as tiles, ceramic, natural stone, sanitary acrylic, gelcoat, enamel.

  • suitable for shower trays, bathroom floors, swimming pool floors, stairs, balconies, etc.
  • for surfaces such as acrylic, steel, enamel, stoneware, porcelain stoneware, natural stone, etc.
  • UV-resistant
  • easy cleaning with commercially available cleaning agents
  • Slip resistance class B, according to DIN 51097 (barefoot area)
  • Slip resistance class R10 according to DIN 51130

Slip resistance classes in the barefoot area

<strong>Slip resistance class
according to DIN 51097</strong>
<strong>Application example</strong> <strong>Product recommendation</strong> <strong>Test certificate</strong>
A changing rooms, barefoot walk-ways (largely dry), individual and collective changing rooms 303 Anti-Slip Spray
304 SWISSGrip Anti-Slip®
B shower rooms, pool edge areas, stairs to diving pools 303 Anti-Slip Spray Yes
C stairs leading into the water, unless they are not assigned to B, walk-through pools 304 SWISSGrip Anti-Slip® Yes

302 Stencils for anti-slip strips

The practical addition to the new anti-slip spray: Stencils to quickly and cleanly apply anti-slip strips wherever more slip resistance is required, e.g. on steps and in shower trays.

  • for anti-slip strips in the width 50 mm
  • stencils for anti-slip strips on stairs (size: 700 x 250 mm)
  • stencil for 5 anti-slip strips in shower trays (700 x 700 mm)
  • reusable plastic stencil


306 Anti-slip floor coating

Anti-slip coating for normally stressed areas such as basements, storage rooms, stairs and outdoor areas. Suitable for concrete, cement screed, asphalt and wood that are to be made slip-resistant.

  • Slip resistance class R10 according to DIN 51130
  • for inside and outside
  • easy to apply
  • quick drying
  • light and weather resistant
  • resistant to shock, impact and abrasion
  • very good adhesion
  • resistant to household chemicals
  • high coverage

Slip resistance classes according to DIN 51130

<strong>Slip resistance class according to DIN 51130 </strong> <strong>Application example </strong> <strong>Product recommendation</strong> <strong>Test certificate</strong>
R9 applies for example to interior floor coverings in general areas (office) 780 Kronalux® Liquid Plastic
899 Kronalux® 2K-PU-Tile Floor-Coating
R10 for indoor stairs, guest rooms, canteens, sickrooms, entrance areas, public toilets 303 Anti-Slip Spray - colourless
306 Aqua Anti-Slip Floor Coating
R11 for shop entrances and outside stairs, as well as in kitchens for community catering in dormitories, day-care centres, sanatoriums 304 SWISSGrip AntiSlip® - colourless Yes
R12 use in work rooms and work areas with a slip hazard, such as hospital cantinas and kitchens 864 Kronalit® Special Primer Resin with 50% aggregate 759, 2 x coated with 853 Kronalux® 2K-PU-Floor Coating Yes
R13 applies, for example, to floor coverings in slaughterhouses as well as meat and fish processing plants 757 Kronalux® 2K-PU-Industry Marking Paint with 50% aggregate 759, 2 x coated Yes