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Functionality is the top priority when equipping training, presentation and work rooms. But that doesn't mean it has to look boring and sober. Our office and communication colours open up new possibilities for a contemporary, elegant and yet practical interior design. These four qualities can also offer useful and practical solutions in many areas of the private environment.
And, even multifunctional surfaces can be realized quite easily: It is also possible to subsequently coat Aqua magnetic paint with our whiteboard paint or with Aqua blackboard paint. This creates surfaces that are magnetic and writable at the same time!

2K-Aqua whiteboard paint

Whiteboards are needed in every conference and training room. But the bulky, white plastic boards are not attractive. With the two-component JAEGER whiteboard paint, any flat surface can now be transformed into an actual whiteboard very discreetly. The best thing about it: It doesn’t need to be white at all, for a subtle or striking colour design, the whiteboard paint is also available as a transparent coating. The surface can be designed in silk matt or glossy.

With the JAEGER whiteboard cleaner, all traces of the whiteboard marker can be removed again without any residue at all. An elegant and modern solution, which pleasantly breaks through the conventional, usually sober look of training and conference rooms.

Whiteboard paint as alternativ to a Whiteboard: all benefits here...

Benefits at a glance

  • white and colourless
  • glossy and silk matt
  • easy to apply and clean
  • for multifunctional surfaces: Pre-paint with JAEGER Aqua magnetic paint
  • can be written on with whiteboard markers (e.g. Edding 250)
  • high coverage


Conference rooms: Flexibility is an important criterion for conference rooms in companies or in hotels. Each group of people has different usage requirements. In addition, the premises are often also utilized for other, representative purposes. The whiteboard paint is virtually ideal for multifunctional rooms, as the coated surfaces are practically invisible.

School rooms and universities:Whiteboard paint is excellently suited to any time of training rooms. It can also be used across a very large area. For example, you can turn an entire wall section into a whiteboard. This way, each working group has its own area, can gather results undisturbed and then present them perfectly to the other participants!

Benefits at a glance

  • easy to apply
  • good abrasion resistance
  • very good filling properties
  • good spreading properties
  • high coverage
  • optimum light dispersion for a wide viewing angle
  • for utmost colour fidelity, image sharpness and contrast

Aqua projection paint

Moving images and presentations on PC projectors or projectors require a super-white, perfectly reflective projection surface for high reproduction quality. With JAEGER Aqua projection paint coated walls, these offer ideal conditions for perfect reproduction with the highest colour accuracy, image sharpness and contrast, completely without a screen!

The fine matt surface of the coating guarantees particularly even reflection of light. Optimum light scattering ensures excellent visibility with a wide viewing angle - i.e. the best preconditions for a successful presentation or an exciting film experience with family and friends.

Aqua blackboard paint

Every person has his own memories of blackboards, good or even not so good. In recent years, however, chalkboards have become quite chic again. Particularly in the catering industry, they can be found everywhere, frequently a perfectly designed and accordingly successful appetisers.
With the JAEGER Aqua blackboard paint, blackboard surfaces can be realised particularly easily and everywhere, without being tied to specific shapes. This results in numerous new usage and design options in the working environment, as well as in private rooms.

Benefits at a glance

  • weather-resistant
  • chalk-resistant
  • non-reflective
  • easy to apply and clean
  • for multifunctional surfaces: Pre-paint with JAEGER Aqua magnetic paint


Classrooms: Whatever is written here is important, whether it is formulas, vocabulary, annual figures or quotations. No training room is conceivable without a blackboard. And with one wipe, the wall surface will be ready for new contents!

Office: Quickly making a note, creating an overview, recording an idea: Chalkboards can be very helpful during the daily organisation of work. Surfaces designed with JAEGER Aqua blackboard paint also perfectly integrate into a chic, modern office ambience!

Children's room: First drawing, then learning to write, always remaining creative - a chalkboard belongs in every children's room! With JAEGER Aqua blackboard paint

Benefits at a glance

  • Environmentally friendly and low odour
  • Water-based
  • Contains magnetic pigments
  • for multifunctional surfaces: can be painted over with JAEGER 2K whiteboard paint and Aqua blackboard paint.

Aqua magnetic paint

They are available at virtually every workplace and in every household: The magnetic wall is an essential, central collection point for lots of important information, but also for all kinds of nice things and one or two curiosities.
With JAEGER Aqua magnetic paint, any wall surface can be very easily magnetised, a simple paint coating is sufficient! The best thing about it: The is no defined shape or colour, surprising effects are possible with a bit of imagination!


Reminder: Where should all of the notes, admission tickets, election notices and important information for the family go? Where everything is always readily available, and clearly arranged on the centrally accessible magnetic wall! For example, around the mirror in the hallway or in the kitchen for recipes!

Mood Board: No design without a Mood Board! Here, things are combined that belong together. And here you can test what properly fits together. Fabrics, colours, drawings or typefaces - can be tried out immediately and quickly exchanged again - the ideal use for a stylish magnetic board!

Children: A tidy house, a tidy mind, this can also be learned here: Everything important will be placed onto the magnetic wall so it doesn't get lost! Even magnetic learning aids for various school subjects are available in stores. By the way: Of course JAEGER Aqua magnetic paint is solvent free!