For each load case the appropriate coating

Floor Coatings are subjected to a broad range of requirements. Our well assorted product range you will surely find the right product for every application. Whether it's a car park or parking garage, stairs or basement, or even commercial and Industrial flooring, our coating systems will ensure that floors can withstand very high degrees of stress.

With the Kronisol® Floor Coating you can create high-quality floor coatings for normal stressed and medium stressed floors and wall surfaces. Substrates made of cement screed, concrete, fibre cement and mastic asphalt are suitable. The product can also be used as a garage sealer, because a plasticizer migration is prevented after the curing.

A product with an even greater durability is the Kronalux® 2K-PU-Floor Coating. The two-component material is ideally suited for highly stressed floors and wall surfaces. Course, there is also a perfect solution for the coating of tiled substrates: Kronalux® 2K-PU- Tile Floor-Coating is a high-quality two-component performance coating for extremely stressed tiled floors. After a short drying time, the surfaces can already be stressed again. This enables the rooms to be used once more within a short period.

Kronalux® Liquid Plastic is a universal, pigmented floor coating for normally stressed interior and outdoor surfaces in private or commercial areas. Basement rooms, stairs, covered balconies and arcades, as well as garages are the classic application areas. Ideal substrates for the coating are concrete, cement screed, Eternit, steel, wood and a broad range of plastics.

Similarly versatile is the Kronalit® Colour Epoxy. Can be used on concrete, steel, aluminium, galvanized surfaces, wood and even on floors with forklift traffic where, for example, its use is recommended for industries in which high chemical and mechanical loads occur. A good resistance against water and many chemicals, as well as a resistance to temperature fluctuations have been clearly demonstrated.

For the impregnation and sealing of concrete, cement screed, fibre cement in the indoor areas, as well as for the impregnation of wood framework in the construction industry, we recommend Kronalux® Concrete Clear Sealer. The highest degree of abrasion resistance, a special resistance to acids, alkalis and other chemicals, as well as a resistance to solvents, mineral and animal oils and fats, against urine and disinfectants, as well as thawing salts, cleaning and scouring agents, etc, ensure that surfaces will remain beautiful for a very long time.

The range is completed with two real specialties: Kronalux® Swimming Pool Paint is a chlorinated rubber based underwater paint for mineral substrates such as concrete, fibre cement, etc. Through this, you can protect and decorate e.g. swimming and paddling pools, fish ponds and ornamental fountains. The colour ranges from white, capri blue, pastel blue and sea green all the way up to the trend colour black.

The Kronomal® Oil-Resistant plastic coating is officially approved for the coating of heating oil collection containers in indoor areas.  The hard-wearing coat is suitable for many different surfaces such as concrete, cement plaster, hard bitumen, asphalt concrete and wooden floors in indoor areas.