Renovation of bathtubs and tiles

Bathroom renovation with bathtub varnish and tile varnish

Simply recoat bathtubs and tiles!

A new bathroom without any dirt and noise - Jaeger tile colours and Bathtub Lacquer offer you the optimal way to renovate your bathroom, without the need to perform conversion work. Save time and money and spare your nerves.

The Jaeger Bathtub Lacquer for 2.8 m² is ideal for the coating and renovation of bathtubs and shower trays made of steel, email and sanitary acrylic. With this solvent-free 2-component system, you can give your bathroom a stunning new look without renovation work and dirt. For the processing of ceramic wall tiles, we recommend the Jaeger Tile Finish for 6.8 m². Due to the extreme durability, you can apply the primer, finishing coat and seal in a single work operation.

The universal Universal Putty for Tiles and Wall Surfaces adheres perfectly on tiles without primer. Through this, cracks and holes can be optimally repaired and smoothed up to a layer thickness of 10 mm. For the processing of sanitary acrylic, we recommend Jaeger the water-based Acrylic Bathtub Primer.

If you want to repair enamel damages and scratches on bath and shower trays with the least possible work and time effort, then the Ceramic, Enamel and Acrylic Repair Kit is the ideal solution. For minor scratches, the Touch-up Pen is a quick and easy solution. After three to four days the surface will already be permanently waterproof and resistant to cleaning agents.