Primer in practical application

Primers for iron, steel, zinc, aluminium, plastic, wood

What is a primer required for?

To keep coatings on surfaces, they must be coated in advance: The primer creates a uniform adhesive and sustainable surface, which is necessary for an optimal adhesion of paints and lacquers. So-called bonding agents in primers ensure that paint doesn't flake off even from hard to coat materials such as zinc. They form a special surface structure, which enables and especially good adhesion of lacquers.

Each surface has special requirements regarding its processing. Primers are thereby a fundamental prerequisite to attain the best results. The comprehensive range of Jaeger paints offers you the perfect primer for any surface:

By the way: Depending on the composition, primers also protect metals from rust or wood from fungi attack.

The universal primers are suitable for all kinds of surfaces in indoor and outdoor areas. Iron, steel, zinc, aluminium, many plastics and wood, as well as powder-coated components can thus be worked on very easily. All multi-primer products reliably protect the treated surfaces against corrosion, are nitro-proof and heat resistant up to 80°C. No matter whether it's the Multi-primer, which can also be easily applied as a Multi-primer spray, the primer out of the spray can, or as a water-soluble solution such as the Aqua Multi-primer.

The 2-component primers Kronalit Epoxy-Primer and Kronalit Epoxy-Primer colourless are ideally suited for the priming of machines, equipment and steel structures exposed to high mechanical and chemical stress. They are suitable for temperatures from -30°C up to 140°C dry heat. This tried and tested system can also be used on mineral-based services such as floor areas.