394 Aqua blackboard paint

Board paint for blackboards, price boards and wall surfaces.

Aqua blackboard paint is a matt board paint for producing blackboards, bulletin boards and price boards, which are written on with chalk. Also suitable for table tennis boards Colours: Matt black and matt green


  • weather-resistant
  • chalk-resistant
  • non-reflective
  • easy to apply and clean
  • Hiding power class 1 with coverage of 8 m²/ltr

Every person has his own memories of blackboards, good or even not so good. In recent years, however, chalkboards have become quite chic again. Particularly in the catering industry, they can be found everywhere, frequently a perfectly designed and accordingly successful appetisers. With JAEGER Aqua blackboard paint, board surfaces can be realised particularly easily and everywhere, without being bound to specific shapes. This results in numerous new usage and design options in the working environment, as well as in private rooms.



usage calculator

Please enter here the surface size in m².
result at a averaged usage from 8 m²/l:
per coat
Please consider: the usage values are ca.-values and could varied depending on the constitution of the underground

product data

spreading rate
paint/roll spraying
8 m²/l
item number/shade
item number shade
size of trading unit/box content
size of trading unit box content
375 ml6
750 ml3

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