302 Stencil anti-slip-strips

Practical stencils for anti-slip-strips

In addition to the new Non-Slip Spray , we have added two practical stencils to our range. This will allow you to quickly and cleanly apply anti-slip strips wherever more slip resistance is required, e.g. on steps and in shower trays.

  • For anti-slip-strips in the width 50 mm
  • Stencils for anti-slip-strips on stairs (size: 700 x 250 mm)
  • Stencil for 5 anti-slip-strips in shower trays (700 x 700 mm)
  • Reusable plastic stencil
  • Apply anti-slip-strips quickly and cleanly

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product data

item number/shade
item numbershade
302-0001stencil stairs 700 x 250 mm
302-0002stencil shower trays 700 x 700 mm
size of trading unit/box content
size of trading unitbox content

stencil shower trays 700 x 700 mm