Metallic putty technique with actual metal particles

Kronen® Exquisit Finish 963

Gold, silver, brass and bronze are metals that have been appreciated for the design of exclusive premises for many ages. With the Kronen® Exquisite Finish, the metal filler wax for fine textures, walls will receive an incomparably fine surface and radiance.

Exquisite finishing of any room

Kronen® Exquisite Finish, is a product with high-quality metal particles which are bound into a wax-like filler. Through this, Stucco Veneziano receives its unique depth effect, and is transformed into the shimmering eye-catcher of every room. Additionally, the surfaces are securely protected which will enable you to enjoy them for a long time.

Processing of the metallic putty technique: This is how it's done

For the finishing of Stucco Veneziano, the Kronen® Exquisite Finish real gold, real silver, brass or bronze is applied in a thin layer in a single work step in a spotty manner until the surface is completely coated. Afterwards, the surface is polished with the Veneziano Spatula. If necessary, a protective coating with Kronen® Wax-Finish (colourless) can be applied in one or two thin layers with a spatula afterwards.
Attention: When using wax finish or Antique Soap the surface may not be polished prior to the application.

1) Prime with Iso Mineral Primer 309.

2) Stucco Fondo smooth in 1-2 layers, grind flat (P320).

3) Apply the 1st layer of Stucco Veneziano in a stain filler.

4) Apply 2nd and, if necessary, 3rd coat of Stucco Veneziano in a stained covering manner, then sand. (P1200).

5) Apply a thin layer of Kronen® Exquisit Finish in 1-2 coats.

6) After a short drying, polish the surface with the spatula.