Metallic putty technique with actual metal particles

Kronen® Exquisit Finish 963

Gold, silver, brass and bronze are metals that have been appreciated for the design of exclusive premises for many ages. With the Kronen® Exquisite Finish, the metal filler wax for fine textures, walls will receive an incomparably fine surface and radiance.

Exquisite finishing of any room

Kronen® Exquisite Finish, is a product with high-quality metal particles which are bound into a wax-like filler. Through this, Stucco Veneziano receives its unique depth effect, and is transformed into the shimmering eye-catcher of every room. Additionally, the surfaces are securely protected which will enable you to enjoy them for a long time.

Processing of the metallic putty technique: This is how it's done

For the finishing of Stucco Veneziano, the Kronen® Exquisite Finish real gold, real silver, brass or bronze is applied in a thin layer in a single work step in a spotty manner until the surface is completely coated. Afterwards, the surface is polished with the Veneziano Spatula. If necessary, a protective coating with Kronen® Wax-Finish (colourless) can be applied in one or two thin layers with a spatula afterwards.
Attention: When using wax finish or Antique Soap the surface may not be polished prior to the application.

1) Grundieren mit Iso-Mineralgrund 309.

2) Stucco Fondo in 1–2 Lagen glatt spachteln, planschleifen (P320).

3) 1. Lage Stucco Veneziano in Fleckspachtelung aufbringen.

4) 2. und ggf. 3. Lage Stucco Veneziano fleckig deckend aufbringen, anschließend schleifen (P1200).

5) Kronen® Exquisit Finish dünnschichtig in 1–2 Lagen aufspachteln.

6) Nach kurzer Trocknung Fläche mit der Spachtel polieren.