High quality lime pressing technique

Fresco Veneziano 965

Lime, binder and pigmentation at the same time, is probably the oldest material that people have used to paint. Fresco Veneziano is the jump to the origins, so to speak, of this versatile material because today we are truly experiencing a renaissance of these lime coatings which are considered modern in many respects.

Naturally ecological.

Through its high alkalinity, limestone is a natural weapon against algae, mold and fungi. In addition, it has the ability to absorb moisture and also to release it again. Through this, lime coatings help to provide a balanced and healthy room environment. In addition to these technical and environmental qualities there is also the key aspect of aesthetics, because lime offers truly excellent design options.

Processing of the lime pressing technique: This is how it's done

Fresco technique: Apply the Jaeger Iso-Mineral Primer as a bonding bridge criss-cross with the square brush. Then, apply a layer of Jaeger Antiqua fine plaster directionless. Depending on the type of structure the effect will be enhanced. Rough textured plaster with many ridges will appear lively, smooth plaster will provide a tranquil effect. Subsequently, the spotted application of the first Fresco Veneziano layer is performed with a Jaeger Smoothing Trowel. Each layer is smoothed with a pressed-on Smoothing Trowel. The second layer is applied without a prior wetting, just like the first layer application. Between the individual spatula layer applications, a drying time of 24 hours must be adhered to. Immediately after applying the last layer, the entire surface must be polished with a Jaeger Finishing Trowel with an application of strong pressure.

Antique technique: Apply a layer of Jaeger Antiqua fine plaster. After the drying, apply the first layer of Jaeger Fresco Veneziano with a more intense color. On the next day, apply the second layer in a brighter colour. Afterwards, immediately perform a polishing with pressure using the Jaeger Smoothing Trowel.

1) Prime with Iso Mineral Primer 309.

2) Apply one coat of Antiqua lime plaster with a trowel.

3) Apply Fresco Veneziano stained with the smoothing trowel.

4) Close stains.

5) Apply the 2nd layer of Fresco Veneziano.

6) Press the surface with the smoothing trowel under pressure.