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Epoca Marble as a basis for versatile techniques

The range of possibilities achievable with this versatile limestone filler technique is truly fantastic. The effect in the room can vary from classic to stylish, and all the way up to modern and trendy. Let yourself be inspired!

Jaeger Epoca Marble will truly take you on a journey through the ages, because several different techniques can be achieved with just a single material. From the antique marble look to stylish walls with classic borders in a stencil technique or with plastic ornaments in a relief technique, all the way up to highly modern effects like the vintage-look in the Shabby Chic, the trendy industrial charm with a raw concrete look, or even incredibly real-looking wood imitations.

Epoca Marble 949 - exclusive matt lime pressing technique

Jaeger Epoca Marble, facilitates a modern lime pressing technique on the basis of high-quality and mature marble pit lime. The recipe is refined with natural soils in various hues and mineral pigments. Jaeger Epoca Marble creates a natural marbled effect. The silky mineral-like surface can be created in matt or satin. When a reworking with Antique Soap is performed, a marble-like gloss can be achieved. Even modern effects can be achieved with simple tools.

Achieving a loft ambience with the concrete look

Cool, rough and fully in line with the trend: Finished concrete surfaces in the industrial design are absolutely trendy. With Epoca Marble, the right structure and the right concrete grey, you can create a true loft style in your own home!

Wood-look -
A cozy home

Would can be used to create a coziness just like in a farmhouse, or achieve a classic ambience with a high-quality panelling. But even in the modern interior design, wood is transformed into an eye-catcher in combination with concrete or stainless steel. No matter what style you prefer, the warm and natural character of the wood grain is always fascinating.

Processing of the lime pressing technique: This is how it's done


After the priming with Jaeger Iso-Mineral Primer, Jaeger Epoca Marble is successively applied “wet-in-wet” with two matching wood colours. Then process the surface (in lines) with the Jaeger Grain-Boy, and smooth after a short air-out time with the Finishing Trowel. Subsequently, Jaeger Antique Soap is used to ensure a high resistance.

Concrete look:

Pre-paint Jaeger Iso-Mineral Primer. Apply Jaeger Epoca Marble in the colour 286 once directionless and once in lines. Structure and smooth with the trowel. Finally, apply the colorized Jaeger Antique Soap with the brush.

1) Prime the surface with Iso Mineral Primer 309.

2) Apply 1st coat of Epoca Marble 949.

3) 2 . Apply layer Epoca Marble 949.

4) Grout the surface with the trowel.

5) Application of dyed antique soap 985 with a brush or trowel.

6) Absorb excess soap with a cotton cloth.