Insulating, sealing and renovating

Dirt often develops during the renovation of interior spaces and facades, which then can't simply be covered by painting over it. This pollutions will always penetrate and usually cause unsightly discoloration and stains

Only insulating paint and sealer is effective. Why?

Insolating and sealing are preventing stains and bleeding substances permanently from shining through. Only an application of a high-quality insulating coat, protects all materials from stains.
Insulating paint has a special composition, which prevents the penetration of dirt. After drying, the surface can be painted with conventional paints without difficulties. Insulating paint can be also used as primer coat.


Here, you will be provided with information on how to master pollutions

The large range of insulating and sealer colors from Jaeger paints will surely provide the proper insulating paint for every task. Stains and discolorations from soot, nicotine, water stains and wood substances can be removed quickly and permanently.

For the processing of absorbing and mineral surfaces in indoor and outdoor areas, we recommend the Kronengrund® brown tin, colourless. The Keller® Kellergrund is also clearly suitable for the processing of absorbable substrates, such as gypsum, gypsum plaster board, lime and cement plaster, concrete, Eternit, wood-based materials and mineral substrates. As an added feature, this insulating paint just like the Keller® Stain Insulating white HS is permanently elastic and 100% non-fading. In order to insulate particularly critical surfaces it is also possible to utilize Kronengrund®, brown tin. It isn't just permanently elastic, but also water vapour permeable and dirt resistant.

For particularly critical spots in interior areas, we recommend you utilize the ready-to-use Kronen® Aqua White Insulating Paint. It reliably and permanently prevents a further stain formation. The Kronen® Stain Insulating white HS is also highly opaque and ideal for the removal of stubborn stains, both indoor and outdoor. For the processing of moist surfaces, Kronen® Iso-Moisture Blocker white is particularly suitable for indoor and outdoor areas through its ability to bind moisture, and it's alkaline and mould resistance. For the special treatment of wood, such as wooden ceilings and panels, we recommend the Kronen® Wood, Insulation and Body Colour white.

For the isolation of small impurities on critical surfaces we recommend Kronen® Insulating Spray in white or colourless. The innovation in the product range is the aqueous Kronen® Aqua Insulating Spray Paint for the insulation of all pollutions in sensitive areas. Just like the Keller® Insulating Spray Paint they can be processed quickly and reliably.