Metallic effect coating with a fine sandy structure.

Sabbia 929

Jaeger Sabbia (ital.: sand) is a highly decorative finishing coat with a fine metalised sand grain structure. In connection with the appropriate lighting, decorative indoor surfaces are transformed into gently shimmering accents with interesting light and shadow effects. The structure of the surface can thereby be designed individually through an appropriate guiding of the brush, which will create completely brilliant look. The eco-friendly and water-based coat can be easily processed and is available in gold, silver and copper shades.

Stylish elegance

Sandstone look in soft colours, discreetly glittering with a high-quality metallic effect - that's the new Jaeger Sabbia. Select the shade that matches your decor either in trendy natural copper, precious shimmering gold, or with a light silver mother of pearl effect. A very simple technique with a great effect and smooth structure.

Processing of the metallic wall paint: This is how it's done

Old emulsion paints, mineral substrates, gypsum boards, wallpaper, Styrofoam, fibre boards, plywood and other wood-based materials.
Structure of coating:
1x Jaeger Iso-Mineral Primer 309
1-2x Jaeger Sabbia 929
Apply Jaeger Sabbia with a brush, painter's brush or roller directionless in small sections, and structure the surface immediately afterwards.

1) Prime the surface with Jaeger Iso Mineral Primer 309.

2) Apply Jaeger Sabbia without direction.

Shade gold on plaster base.

Color tone copper on woodchip.

Color shade silver on plaster base.