Lime plaster for all interior surfaces

Antiqua 968

Create walls with historical techniques, give them your own personal touch - this requires natural materials as they have already been used in ancient times. Antiqua Lime Plaster is such an absolutely natural material, made of slaked lime and a balanced blend of the finest marble powder.

Tuscany for your home

A true Tuscan atmosphere absolutely needs bright and bold colours. With the coloured Jaeger Antique Soap it is not just possible to achieve uniquely expressive colour shades, the surfaces are also protected from water splashes and pollution at the same time.

Antiqua lime plaster processing: This is how it's done

Apply the Jaeger Iso-Mineral Primer as a bonding bridge criss-cross with the square brush. Then, apply a layer of Jaeger Antiqua lime fine plaster directionless. After the drying, the 2nd application is performed with Antiqua lime fine plaster. Immediately after applying the last layer, the entire surface must be polished with a Jaeger Finishing Trowel with an application of pressure. Between the individual spatula layer applications, a drying time of 6 hours must be adhered to. Perform an application of Antique Soap as required.

Jaeger Antique Soap: Wax soap made of bleached beeswax, free of oils. For the decorative finishing and as a polishing aid for plaster and putty techniques. Usage: Thinly apply 1-2 times with a trowel or brush depending on the desired effect. The surface can be polished or pressed after drying in order to receive an antique-aeruginous surface.


1) Prime the surface with Jaeger Iso Mineral Primer 309.

2) 1st layer Antiqua 968 toned in.

3) 2nd layer Antiqua 968 tinted, slightly textured.

4) Grout the surface with the trowel.

5) Application of dyed antique soap with a brush or trowel.

Tintable with Jaeger Mineral Color Concentrate 964