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Kronen tincture, a material for wood polishing, originated in Paul Jaeger father’s company in Esslingen.
Company is founded by Paul Jaeger, at the age of 38, at Paulinenstraße 5, Stuttgart. Kronengrund’s further development, the first oil-free primer for sealing, priming and insulating.
Due to the constant lack of space along with the negative effects of an explosion, the company’s headquarters moved to Schaal'sche Fabrik, Stuttgart-Feuerbach, Heilbronner Straße 368.
Artur Zipplies enters the company as the second general partner.

The company operated as a partnership from 1936 to 1938, headed by general partners Paul Jaeger and Artur Zipplies and subsequently- by Artur Zipplies and Kurt Jaeger as general partners.
Paul Jaeger & Co. KG, lacquer company is headed by Artur Zipplies as general partner and Paul Jaeger as limited partner. Kronalux synthetic materials, Sinolin radiator varnish lacquer and Jaeger mosaic color are invented.
Handover of the company’s management to Kurt Jaeger. The enterprise is managed very successfully together with Dr. Fritz Zipplies as technical manager. At that time the business’ removal cadre to Möglichen was settled amongst others by means of first real estates’ acquisition and by the construction of the completed goods warehouse. Since January 26, 1966 the company has operated under the name of PAUL JAEGER GmbH & Co. KG.

The company is headed by Richard Scheffler. Construction of the present production hall in 71696 Möglingen, Siemensstrasse 6.
Management of the company’s business by Gerhard Schweizer as a company manager, head of the accounts department since 1968.
Development and introduction of Jaeger bathtub lacquer.
Construction lacquer group’s rounding off by means of Rhönodal and Fuldal production groups’ takeover by Rhodius Chemie System GmbH Company.
Relocation of the company’s administration department as a last plant section to Möglingen.
Development of the nowadays successfully operating Jaeger Villa Venezia product line together with the company’s partner from Italy to serve the highly demanding professionals.

Products’ integration including Kellergrund insulating and priming materials as well as LÖWE antirust and anticorrosive paints.
Extension of the product line by JUNGKEIT WASSERDICHT product’s development, a sealing compound.
The new ceramic and enamel repair set was launched along with the legendary Jaeger bathtub lacquer. Development and market launch of a unique concept for products’ insulation for the DIY-Market.
With the turn of the year 2001/2002 Mr Gerhard Schweizer gives the company’s management over to Mr Andreas H.M. Bley.

Extensive product relaunch and product line expansion at the most significant fair trade „FARBE 2002“ in Munich amaze the fair trade visitors with their more than 47 ongoing Jaeger specialty goods. The product line Villa Venezia is expended with the development of Velatura Lasur, Antiqua punti and Wallcem bianco. The hammer effect enamel, the lacquer for coating blackboards and tabel tennis plates and the zinc dust paint become newly developed special products.
The new Villa Venezia colouring product line already includes 80 different fan decks. Thus Jaeger becomes unique in the production branch. The colours were selected by experts in line with the latest trends. „Collezione Veneziano“ murals are introduced at „Farbe“ in Köln as another salient innovation product.
Weiterentwicklung des Jaeger Badewannen- und Fliesenlackes. Einführung des neuen 2-K Produkts auf dem Markt.
“100 years of quality” was celebrated on a large scale in 2008. The 100-year Jaeger company jubilee saw its high point on 27 September with a day to remember for old and young.

The Jaeger consulting guidelines provide clear and comprehensive information at a glance on the suitability of the Jaeger products for the most varied substrates and purposes. Coating structures depending on the requirements can be optimized and uncertainties prevented.
The mould removal system, consisting of four intercoordinated products is available on the market. The Jaeger guide on mould removal will lead you safety through this subject and contains extensive tips for our clients.
We have reached a new milestone with our two top innovations, the first watery insulation spray Kronen® Aqua insulation spray 324 and our new 2K-PU industrial marking products.
With the free Jaeger app, you have access to all of the product information, brochures for viewing and forwarding, news and promotions, as well as application videos, safety data sheets and technical leaflets.

At the Farbe, Ausbau & Fassade in Munich, we are presenting the new Aqua Tile Finish for the first time. The first single-component tile finish on a water basis without primer for coating ceramic wall tiles. The time saving is enormous with the 3 in 1 system: Primer, finishing coat and sealing in one step!
DISCOVER OUR NEW CREATIVE TECHNIQUES Real Rust | Cooper-Patina | Lime plaster / loam renderin | Decorative metallic smoothing rendering
Office- and communication paints: Lucrative additional space in offices and conference rooms with the products 2K-Aqua whiteboard paint, Aqua Projection paint, Aqua magnetic paint, Aqua blackboard paint

Deco Wall & Floor: Launch of the new jointless wall and floor filler.
Anti-slip coatings: Introduction of the new product module Anti-Slip Coatings.
Sustainability: We have further expanded our sustainability strategy and divided it into four key areas to keep the future livable for future generations: Sustainable Responsibility, Sustainable Products, Sustainable Buildings & Sustainable Employees.