Our strategy for a green & sustainable future at JAEGER

Over the years, the topic of sustainability has gained eminent importance at JAEGER. We are well aware of our responsibility, and have committed ourselves to reviewing everything we do within the scope of our business activities under the aspect of sustainable working. Not only our company logo shows a rich green, our thinking and what we do is also sustainable.

Our Responsibility

On the following pages we would like to explain to you what this means in detail. Sometimes it's the small things that make a big difference - sometimes we can achieve great things even with big projects. This can be a saving of paper by asking the office staff before every printout whether the paper form is really necessary, or extracting drinking water for the employees out of the tap and purify it, thus avoiding countless plastic packages - as well as other measures where we save large amounts of chemicals through an intelligent raw material conversion and utilization of a photovoltaic system to generate sustainable energy for our production. The result may differ in magnitude, but it is still the same: An important contribution to the sustainable protection of resources, and the avoidance of environmentally harmful waste.

We would now like to show you how we at JAEGER assume responsibility in four areas, in order to keep the future worth living for future generations.


Definition: Sustainability

What does "sustainability" actually mean? There is (still) no generally valid definition. The term probably originated in the realm of forestry. As early as the 17th century, it was recognised here that one should only ever take as much wood from a forest as it was able to regenerate naturally in the foreseeable future. This principle was later applied to many areas of life. The United Nations formulated this more comprehensively in a 1987 report: “A sustainable development is one that ensures that future generations are not worse off to meet their needs than present generations"