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Over the years, the topic of sustainability has gained eminent importance at JAEGER. We are well aware of our responsibility, and have committed ourselves to reviewing everything we do within the scope of our business activities under the aspect of sustainable working. Not only our company logo shows a rich green, our thinking and what we do is also sustainable.

Our Responsibility

On the following pages we would like to explain to you what this means in detail. Sometimes it's the small things that make a big difference - sometimes we can achieve great things even with big projects. This can be a saving of paper by asking the office staff before every printout whether the paper form is really necessary, or extracting drinking water for the employees out of the tap and purify it, thus avoiding countless plastic packages - as well as other measures where we save large amounts of chemicals through an intelligent raw material conversion and utilization of a photovoltaic system to generate sustainable energy for our production. The result may differ in magnitude, but it is still the same: An important contribution to the sustainable protection of resources, and the avoidance of environmentally harmful waste.

We would now like to show you how we at JAEGER assume responsibility in four areas, in order to keep the future worth living for future generations.


Definition: Sustainability

What does "sustainability" actually mean? There is (still) no generally valid definition. The term probably originated in the realm of forestry. As early as the 17th century, it was recognised here that one should only ever take as much wood from a forest as it was able to regenerate naturally in the foreseeable future. This principle was later applied to many areas of life. The United Nations formulated this more comprehensively in a 1987 report: “A sustainable development is one that ensures that future generations are not worse off to meet their needs than present generations"


Sustainable responsibility and vision

Our motivation for sustainability begins in the mind

We only have one world, and it is up to each individual to keep it liveable for the generations that come after us. We as an industrial company have faced up to this responsibility and have consistently oriented our actions towards sustainability. A brief review of the company history will make this development evident.

The early years: Tradition and innovation

When our company was founded in 1908, sustainability was not yet an issue in the world. On the contrary: Everything was subordinated to technical progress and natural resources seemed in endless supply needs to most his own thoughts and my number. No wonder, because at the beginning of the 20th century there weren't even two billion people on earth, energy consumption was manageable, and industrial development had only just begun.
In the early years we, of course, also used standard solvents because alternatives were not yet available. Wastewater also remained largely untreated, as was customary at the time. But since its foundation, JAEGER has understood itself as an innovative company and has shown that it was always able to react to changing conditions.


The rethinking begins

At the beginning of the 1970s a change in thinking began, the much-discussed, alarming report of the Club of Rome showed for the first time that the ruthless exploitation and destruction of nature, accompanied by the population growth at that time already over four billion people worldwide, would lead to a catastrophe. It became clear that something had to happen. During this time, green and sustainable thinking has also found its way into JAEGER. In 1978 the Bathtub Lacquer introduced the first solvent-free product to the range!

Today: Sustainability is paramount

Since then, a lot has happened, worldwide and of course also here. Today, we examine all decisions in the company to determine whether they are future-proof and sustainable. In recent years, many water-based Aqua products that work without solvents have been developed. We have modernised our buildings and facilities and achieved major energy savings. We rely on a sustainable personnel policy, because our employees are what shapes the company in the long term. We are on a good path.

Sustainable products

Natural raw materials for healthy-living products

Throughout the course of past years, we have consistently reviewed our product range with regard to sustainability and made changes where necessary. Numerous recipes have been optimized and realigned in accordance with legislative requirements. The goal thereby: Saving of solvents and reduced use of important resources. The improvement of production technology has also been and continues to be a focus of attention.

Mineral raw materials

In many of our products, the main ingredients come from purely mineral sources. This especially applies to our decorative lime-clay plaster Calce Argilla, which was awarded the Baden-Württemberg Design Prize 2019, whose environmental friendliness was expressly emphasised by the jury. A test certificate proves that Calce Argilla filters formaldehyde from the air in the room and thus ensures a healthy indoor climate. But our other products, such as the 949 Epoca Marble, the noble matt lime pressing technique made of high-quality, long matured marble pit lime, are also highly attractive in terms of sustainability.


Safety through certificates and test reports

Trust is good, control is better. Certificates and test reports therefore prove the sustainability of our products. Eleven of our speciality products are currently certified for use in food processing companies. Ten products are even so safe that they can be used for the coating of children's toys, which is certified by the test according to DIN EN 73-3. Our 323 Kronen® Aqua White Insulating Paint has been awarded the renowned "Blue Angel" seal.

Products with health benefits

Some JAEGER specialities even offer a real health benefit: First and foremost, our Anti-Mould system, which reliably prevents the formation of mould in living spaces despite its sustainable formula. Or our Calce Argilla lime-clay plaster, which demonstrably filters formaldehyde from the air in the room and thus ensures a healthy indoor climate. The new anti-slip coating also prevents falls caused by slipping in bathrooms.

Sustainability in our buildings and facilities

New standards characterize the office and production building

As an industrial company, we have a special obligation to equip the necessary buildings and facilities in the most environmentally friendly way possible. However, most of our buildings were constructed a time when the topic of sustainability was not yet in the public focus. Wherever possible, these buildings and facilities were successively modernized and technically upgraded. We have already been able to achieve significant savings!

Heating Technology

Our old oil heating was replaced by an environmentally friendly gas heating. In order to reduce energy consumption, the shed roof of the production facility was provided with a thick layer of insulation.


Our fire alarm system was recently renewed, so that we can now react even faster in case of fire. People and the environment are thus even better protected.

Power consumption

On the roofs of administration and production, high-performance photovoltaic systems ensure the generation of electricity from renewable energies. At the moment we only consume about 29% of the electricity generated. The remaining energy obtained is fed into the power grid. In the production, a combined heat and power plant also provides heat, and at the same time generates electricity. In addition, the installation of LED lighting also ensures a power saving of approx. 90 % in this area.

Charging stations for e-cars

In order to expand our vehicle fleet with hybrid & e-cars, we have created the infrastructure for this with the first charging stations on the company premises.

Sustainability in our personnel policy

The practiced social sustainability at JAEGER

Our employees are our most important capital. That is why we take special care of their well-being.


We pay great attention to the health of our employees. For example, the workplaces in the administration department were equipped with height-adjustable desks to reduce back strain. Healthy air at the workplace in the production is ensured by a recently renewed, high-performance exhaust air system.


Work, despite all precautions, can also be stressful for the body. Therefore, every JAEGER employee receives a free membership in a fitness studio for that important physical exercise. Many also take part in the annual company run.

Education and further training

As an apprentice training company, we are proud of our trainee quota of 10%. Wherever possible, our trainees are transitioned into a permanent employment relationship after the successful final examination. We thereby avoid fixed-term contracts in order to give young people a secure work and life perspective. By supporting further training measures, we also promote the further training during our employee’s professional life. All this increases job satisfaction.