Special thinners / cleaning agents

Special Thinner 097

Special Thinner 097
Thinner for Kronen® Express 90, Kronalux® Swimming Pool Paint 780CC, Kronalux® 2K-PU Industry Marking Paint 757, Kronalux® 2K-PU Floor Coating 853

For thin from Kronen® Express, Kronalux® Swimming Pool Paint 780CC, Kronalux® 2K-PU-Industry Marking Paint 757, Kronalux® 2K-PU-Floor Coating 853, Kronalux® 2K-PU-Tile Floor-Coating 899, Kronalux® Concrete Clear Sealer 785.

product data

item number/shade
item number shade
097-0000 farblos
size of trading unit/box content
size of trading unit box content
1 l6
2,5 l4

suitable products

757 Kronalux® 2K-PU-Industry Marking Paint
780CC Kronalux® Swimming Pool Paint
853 Kronalux® 2K-PU-Floor Coating
899 Kronalux® 2K-PU- Tile Floor-Coating