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2C Aqua Primer Concentrate 877

2C Aqua Primer Concentrate 877
2K Aqua Primer Concentrate is the ideal primer on Deco Wall & Floor before sealing.
2C Aqua Primer Concentrate 877
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Waterborne 2-component primer for Deco Wall & Floor

2K Aqua Primer Concentrate 877 is the ideal primer on Deco Wall & Floor before sealing with Deco Wall & Floor Seal 676 and Wet Room Seal 677. The primer reduces water absorption, solidifies and closes the pores.

  • Hydrophobing primer
  • Aqueous, no odour
  • Easy to process
  • Very high penetration
  • Not film forming
2C Aqua Primer Concentrate 877

Mixing ratio:    

100 : 100


Dilute mixed material with 2 parts water. Results in 2.25 kg

Pot life:    

90 minutes (Attention pot life not visible)      


Deco Wall & Floor, mineral substrates made of cement or concrete as well as natural stone.

Substrate preparation:    

Substrates must be well set before starting the painting work. The substrate must be dry, clean, free of grease and dust, loose and sanding layers must be removed.


Add the hardener completely to the basecoat, mix very carefully by machine and transfer the material into a new clean container. The hardening reaction starts at this point. Dilute mixed material with 200 % water, mix thoroughly by machine and apply evenly. For particularly even application and massaging into the pores, a priming brush is best suited. Do not use beyond the pot life even when the material is still liquid and do not touch up any imperfections individually (light up). As an intermediate primer before filling, dilute the material with 200 % water and apply evenly. The intermediate primer makes it easier to apply the material without a build-up due to its low absorbency and prevents air voids.

Coating structure:    

1 - 2 x 2K Aqua Primer Concentrate


With all floor coating systems. Primed surfaces must no longer be tacky and must be completely dry. A minimum drying time of 4 hours should be observed.
During the entire application and drying time, the material, substrate and air temperature must not fall below 10°C and must not exceed 30°C. The air humidity should be between 30% r.H. and 75% r.H. during the entire time.

Tool cleaning:    

With water immediately after use.


Store in a cool and dry place in the well-sealed original container.

product data

spreading rate
paint/roll spraying
10 m²/kg
item number/shade
item number shade
887-0000 transparent
size of trading unit/box content
size of trading unit box content
750 ml6

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