High-quality sealant for Deco Wall & Floor

  • easy to apply
  • excellent abrasion resistance
  • high wear resistance
  • good penetration depth
  • good spreading properties
  • excellent resistance to household chemicals
  • Taber Abraser Test CS/10/1000/1000g) 12mg (3 days, 23°C, 60% r.H.)

Intended use:

Protection and sealing of floor and wall surfaces treated with Deco Wall & Floor for the upscale private sector.

Mixing ratio: 10: 1


Stir both components mechanically to a homogeneous mixture. Then decant into a clean container and stir again. Allow to pre-react 15 minutes before processing.


Do not dilute

Structure of the coating:

2 – 3 x 2 K Aqua Deco Wall & Floor Sealer undiluted

Processing time/pot life:

6 hours. At 20°C

Application conditions:

Stir carefully before use. Apply paint only with hardener and stir in carefully. After each coat of the seal an intermediate sanding should be carried out.During the entire processing and drying time, the material, surface and air temperature may not drop below 15°C or rise above 30°C. The atmospheric humidity should be between 30% and 70% relative humidity during the entire time. Low temperatures and high humidity extend the drying time.

Tool cleaning:

Clean with water immediately after use. Remove dried-on paint residues with nitro thinner.


Clean with a damp cloth and mild household cleaning agents. Do not use scouring agents.

Gloss level:

colourless, silk matt

Drying time:

at 20°C and 55% r.h., dust-dry approx. 45 min, walkable approx. 24h, fully loadable approx. 3 days


Store in a cool, dry place. 1 year shelf life in an unopened, original container. Protect against frost. Do not store above 40°C

usage calculator

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product data

spreading rate
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8 m²/kg
item number/shade
item number shade
676-0003colourless silk matt
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2,5 kg1