Deco Wall & Floor

Deco Wall & Floor 923

Deco Wall & Floor 923
The seamless flooring with a new look connects rooms and creates an ambience that is as elegant as it is timeless - ideal for the modern, puristic living style.
Deco Wall & Floor 923
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Seamless wall and floor design

With JAEGER DECO WALL & FLOOR, visually sophisticated jointless wall and floor surfaces can be achieved, that are not only extremely attractive but also resistant and durable. The highlight: Deco Wall & Floor can even be used on walls in wet areas! 28 stylish standard coloursare in the product range. The system is available in two tradesman-friendly containers!

  • resistant to water, dirt and common household cleaning agents
  • suitable for wet areas (with 2K Aqua Wet Room Sealer)
  • can be applied to many substrates
  • craftsman-friendly container sizes:
    4 kg (approx. 5m² per layer) and 20 kg (approx. 25m² per layer)
  • easy processing
  • suitable as wall coating and smoothing floor
  • also for concrete furniture, washbasin tops, worktops
  • factory tintable in 28 different colours

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Decorative putty for floor and wall surfaces


Resistant to water, dirt and common household cleaning agents, suitable for wall surfaces in wet areas (with appropriate 2K Aqua Wet Room Sealer), can be applied to many substrates, Deco Wall & Floor Filler is mineral-based, easy to apply, suitable as a wall coating and smoothing floor, also suitable for furniture surfaces and worktops (protect with 2K Aqua Wet Room Sealer), can be tinted in 28 different colours ex works.

Pot life:

approx. 90 minutes at 20°C (shorter pot life at higher temperatures)


Up to 5% with water

Mixing ratio:

3: 1 (parts by weight) with component B + max. 5% water


Fill powder component into an empty container and stir loosely with a stirrer. In the case of light powder lumps, first sieve and then stir the powder into the dyed filler with a suitable stirrer until a homogeneous mass is obtained. Add up to 5% water if necessary.


Approx. 800 g/m² per layer

Surface preparation:

The substrate must be ready for laying in accordance with DIN 18560 and VOB Part C DIN 18365. Mineral substrates must have set well before beginning the coating work, new concrete or screed must be at least 4 - 6 weeks old. The substrate surface must be dry, clean, grease-free and load-bearing, whereas loose sand layers must also be removed. Concrete and screed must still have a sufficient absorbency to ensure the proper degree of adhesion. Old substrates must be prepared for the solid screed and any existing coatings or adhesive residues must be completely removed. The substrate must be free of cracks and expansion joints must be taken over. The tear-off strength of the substrate must be 1.5 N/mm² on average, and may not fall below 1.0 N/mm² in the smallest individual value. The compressive strength of the substrate may not fall below 20 N/mm². Any cement glue and sinter layers on the surface must be removed by sandblasting, milling or shot blasting. Floor screeds must be sanded. Moisture on the rear side must be excluded.


The substrate must be solid, load-bearing and level. Unevenness must be levelled out with suitable levelling compounds such as Ardex F 11 and brought to quality level Q4 before application. For dry construction walls or critical substrates, a painter's fleece or similar is recommended to avoid cracks. Prime level substrate before 923 Deco Wall & Floor with 309 Iso Mineral Primer.

Walls and floors in wet areas:

Use 2K Aqua Wet Room Sealer 677 as sealant. In the shower we recommend only coating the walls, not the floor. (up to max. water impact class W2 according to DIN 18534)


Jaeger Smoothing trowel 974 240 x 100 mm or Jaeger Trowel 920

Tool cleaning:

With water directly after use

Application conditions:

During the entire processing and drying time, the material, surface and air temperature may not drop below 5°C or rise above 30°C. The atmospheric humidity should be between 30% and 75% relative humidity during the entire application time.

Drying: (at 20ºC/55% r.H.)

recoatable approx. 8 hours, walkable: approx. 8 hours min., fully loadable: approx. 7 days.

Storage suitability:

Store in tightly sealed container and in a cool and dry place. Observe governmental regulations. Shelf life 12 months from date of manufacture.

product data

spreading rate
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ca. 800 g/m² pro Lage
item number/shade
item number shade
923-9010 28 Farbtöne, werkseitig tönbar
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size of trading unit box content
20 kg1
4 kg1

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