679 Deco Wall & Floor Patina

Material type:

Acrylic copolymer

Intended use:

For decorative finishing of plastered wall and floor surfaces with Deco Wall & Floor 923 before sealing.


  • Antique effect
  • Metallic and pearlescent effect
  • water-insoluble after drying
  • increases colour brilliance and colour depth


Colourless, gold, silver, platinum


With water if necessary


For colour design, the patina can be dyed with max. 5% Jaeger mineral colour concentrate.

Structure of coating:

Thinly apply 1-2 times with trowel or sponge float depending on the desired effect. Surplus material can be wiped off with cotton cloth immediately after use.

Application conditions:

During the entire application and drying time, the material, surface, and air temperature may not drop below 8°C or rise above 30°C. The atmospheric humidity should be between 30% and 75% relative humidity during the entire application time.

Cleaning of tools:

Clean with water immediately after use.

Drying time/reworking:

The surface finished with patina can be painted over after a drying time of 4 hours.


painting/rolling approx. 10 m²/l

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10 m²/l
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