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Kronen® Renovation Spray 424

Kronen® Renovation Spray 424
Stain blocking and top stitching in one operation - white matt
Kronen® Renovation Spray 424
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Matt white cover and barrier spray in RAL 9016

  • Wet abrasion resistance class I (DIN EN 13300)
  • high hiding power: class 1
  • Weather and UV stable
  • suitable for graffiti soiling
  • very good barrier effect
  • very fast drying
  • low odor
  • suitable for use in food processing areas

Kronen® Renovierspray locks and covers heavy soiling on facades and interiors such as red wine, coffee, ivy, graffiti, colored pencils, blood, water stains, nicotine, grease, oil and much more without having to paint over it.

The matt surface allows invisible and quick repairs on woodchip painted white. Less spray mist thanks to the new spray head. Optimum spray beam width for every application due to 2 different spray heads: for flat painting (wide spray jet), and selective use (small spray jet).

Degree of gloss: 



Mineral substrates, wood-based materials, styrofoam, woodchip, plaster, etc.

Substrate preparation: 

The surface must be dry, clean and stable. Brush the edges of the water dry, remove any salt efflorescence .. Very thick, layer-forming soiling must be cleaned to avoid adhesion problems.

Coating system: 

1 - 2 x Renovation spray

Can be painted over: 

If required, color design with all emulsion paints, alkyd and water-thinnable acrylic paints.

Processing conditions: 

Shake the spray can for at least 2 minutes before use. Apply in thin criss-cross coats, let the material dry in between for maximum insulating effect.
During the entire processing and drying time, the material, substrate and air temperature & nbsp; Do not fall below 8 ° C and do not exceed 30 ° C. The humidity should be between 30% r.h. during the entire time. and 75% r.h. lie.

Tool cleaning: 

Special thinner 42 or synthetic resin thinner

product data

spreading rate
paint/roll spraying
ca. 2 m² / can
item number/shade
item number shade
424-9016 matte white RAL 9016
size of trading unit/box content
size of trading unit box content
400 ml6

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