Sustainable products

Natural raw materials for healthy-living products

Throughout the course of past years, we have consistently reviewed our product range with regard to sustainability and made changes where necessary. Numerous recipes have been optimized and realigned in accordance with legislative requirements. The goal thereby: Saving of solvents and reduced use of important resources. The improvement of production technology has also been and continues to be a focus of attention.

Mineral raw materials

In many of our products, the main ingredients come from purely mineral sources. This especially applies to our decorative lime-clay plaster Calce Argilla, which was awarded the Baden-Württemberg Design Prize 2019, whose environmental friendliness was expressly emphasised by the jury. A test certificate proves that Calce Argilla filters formaldehyde from the air in the room and thus ensures a healthy indoor climate. But our other products, such as the 949 Epoca Marble, the noble matt lime pressing technique made of high-quality, long matured marble pit lime, are also highly attractive in terms of sustainability.


Sustainable Formulas

Over the years, many recipes have been changed in order to save resources. Currently 44 of our products are water-based, which can be recognized by the addition of "Aqua" to the product name. The result: Significant reduction of solvent use, with an increasing tendency! We are also focusing on the development of water-based products. 60.6 % of our new products from the past 5 years are water-based!

Safety through certificates and test reports

Trust is good, control is better. Certificates and test reports therefore prove the sustainability of our products. Eleven of our speciality products are currently certified for use in food processing companies. Ten products are even so safe that they can be used for the coating of children's toys, which is certified by the test according to DIN EN 73-3. Our 323 Kronen® Aqua White Insulating Paint has been awarded the renowned "Blue Angel" seal.

Products with health benefits

Some JAEGER specialities even offer a real health benefit: First and foremost, our Anti-Mould system, which reliably prevents the formation of mould in living spaces despite its sustainable formula. Or our Calce Argilla lime-clay plaster, which demonstrably filters formaldehyde from the air in the room and thus ensures a healthy indoor climate. The new anti-slip coating also prevents falls caused by slipping in bathrooms.