Sustainability in our buildings and facilities

New standards characterize the office and production building

As an industrial company, we have a special obligation to equip the necessary buildings and facilities in the most environmentally friendly way possible. However, most of our buildings were constructed a time when the topic of sustainability was not yet in the public focus. Wherever possible, these buildings and facilities were successively modernized and technically upgraded. We have already been able to achieve significant savings!

Heating Technology

Our old oil heating was replaced by an environmentally friendly gas heating. In order to reduce energy consumption, the shed roof of the production facility was provided with a thick layer of insulation.


Our fire alarm system was recently renewed, so that we can now react even faster in case of fire. People and the environment are thus even better protected.

Power consumption

On the roofs of administration and production, high-performance photovoltaic systems ensure the generation of electricity from renewable energies. At the moment we only consume about 29% of the electricity generated. The remaining energy obtained is fed into the power grid. In the production, a combined heat and power plant also provides heat, and at the same time generates electricity. In addition, the installation of LED lighting also ensures a power saving of approx. 90 % in this area.