Radiator Lacquer

Sinolin® Aqua Radiator Lacquer 377

Sinolin® Aqua Radiator Lacquer 377
Water-soluble special lacquer for heat-resistant coatings on radiators
Sinolin® Aqua Radiator Lacquer 377
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Water-soluble special lacquer for heat-resistant coatings

  • Quick-dryin
  • Mild odour
  • In three gloss levels: glossy, satin-finish and matt
  • Excellent coverage
  • Heat-resistant up to 120 °C
  • Non-yellowing
  • Tintable in RAL and NCS


Heat-resistant up to 120°C, non-yellowing, quick-drying, low odour, very good flow, good coverage, good resistance to common household cleaning agents.

Surface preparation:

The surface must be dry and free from rust, scale, oil, grease and other contamination; remove any loose paint. Old paintwork must be sanded down. Thoroughly clean metal surfaces and prepare rusted surfaces to the standard cleanliness level SA 2½ according to DIN EN ISO 12944-4. Bare areas must be pre-primed with Aqua Multi-Primer 716 as corrosion protection and rust spots must be exposed and also pre-primed. Primers must be applied opaquely until a closed film of lacquer is formed. Radiators must be switched off during application and only gradually heated up again after the coating has dried.

Structure of coating:

Old coating:
1-2 x Aqua Radiator Lacquer 377
Unprimed steel:
1-2 x Aqua Multi-Primer 716
1-2 x Aqua Radiator Lacquer 377


brush/roll 8-10 m²/l, spray approx. 6 m²/l

Colour tone/gloss level:

RAL 9016, high gloss, satin-finish and matt, tintable in RAL and NCS from white base.

Drying time: (at 20°C and 55% r.H.)

dust-dry from approx. 1 hour, touch-dry from 2-3 hours, recoatable from 8-10 hours.


Ready to use in delivery form, if required with water


Store in a cool, dry place. 2-year shelf life in an unopened, original container. Protect against frost.

product data

spreading rate
paint/roll spraying
8-10 m²/lca. 6 m²/l
item number/shade
item number shade
377-0001 glossy
377-0002 satin finish
377-0004 matt
size of trading unit/box content
size of trading unit box content
750 ml6
2,5 l6

suitable products

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