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Kronalux® 2K-GRP-Pool Paint 786

Kronalux® 2K-GRP-Pool Paint 786
Pool paint for decorative painting on waterproof GRP pools
Kronalux® 2K-GRP-Pool Paint 786
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Pool paint for GRP pools

Underwater paint for decorative painting on waterproof GRP pools. Can also be used for concrete and steel pools with primer. Do not use in drinking water and food areas.

  • Adheres to GRP pools without primer
  • High weather and water resistance
  • Fast drying
  • Resistant to dilute acids and alkalis
  • Resistant to salt solutions, ozonised and chlorinated water; unused mineral oils
Kronalux® 2K-GRP-Pool Paint 786

Substrate preparation:  

The prerequisite for durability is a solid, grease-free and dry substrate that has been thoroughly cleaned of dirt and dust deposits.
For swimming pools, the outer walls must be well insulated against ground moisture and groundwater. Lack of or poor insulation is usually the cause of blistering and peeling paint.

Existing GRP pools must be free of damage and watertight. Smaller damaged areas can be repaired with 415 2K PE fibre filler. Before painting, the pool must be cleaned with Jaeger Special Cleaner 80 and sanded with P80 grit.
Concrete must have set well before painting, i.e. it should be at least 4-6 weeks old. Concrete must not be smoothed with a steel trowel, but should be skimmed with a felt disc to achieve a non-slip surface. Cement paste and sinter layers must be removed by sandblasting. Concrete surfaces must be primed twice with Kronalit Special Priming Resin 864.
For iron surfaces in swimming pools - such as access ladders - we recommend priming 2x with Kronalit 819 on a well derusted, load-bearing substrate (sandblasting if necessary).

Kronalux® 2K-GRP-Pool Paint 786


For repairs to the GRP Pole 415, use 2K PE fibre filler.

Coating structure:

Stir the material well before application, mix both components homogeneously by machine and repot!
Apply 2 - 3 x 786 GRP Pool Paint by roller or spraying. If necessary, dilute up to max. 10 % with Special Thinner 97.
Apply 1 x 787 2C Pool Seal by roller or spraying.


Can be recoated after 12 hours in dry weather, otherwise longer.

Repair work (old swimming pools):

Overhaul coatings require particularly thorough cleaning of the substrate to remove algae, dirt and deposits. Thoroughly remove limescale deposits and algae growth with commercially available decalcifiers. Rinse thoroughly with plenty of water! Greasy deposits can be cleaned with Jaeger Special Cleaner 80. Repel poorly adhering coatings.

Maintenance and wintering of swimming pools:

Greasy edges can be removed with alkaline cleaning agents, lime deposits with descaler; rinse thoroughly with water! Large pools should preferably be wintered filled, using bundles of straw, brushwood or reeds to protect the pool walls against ice pressure. In case of heavy frost, the ice cover should be cut open from time to time along the edge of the pool in sufficient width. Small pools are best left empty for the winter.

Processing conditions:

During the entire application and drying time, the material, substrate and air temperature must not fall below 8°C and must not exceed 30°C. Do not apply in direct sunlight, as this may lead to rapid drying and blistering of the coating film. The air humidity should be between 30% r.H. and 75% r.H. during the entire time.

Accidents due to slipping in walk-through pools, paddling pools, on steps, etc. can be avoided if dry quartz sand 0.1 - 0.4 mm is sprinkled into the first coat.

Tool cleaning:

Special Thinner 97

product data

spreading rate
paint/roll spraying
4-5 m²/kg
item number/shade
item number shade
786-0800 Weiß
786-0065 Capriblau ~ NCS S 1060-B
786-0066 Pastellblau ~ NCS S 1050-B20G
786-0067 Seegrün ~ NCS S 2050-B80G
786-9005 Schwarz
size of trading unit/box content
size of trading unit box content
3,5 kg1
9 kg1

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