571 Blaze-Resistant

Special paint based on silicone resin that is resistant to high temperatures. For iron and steel structures that are exposed to extreme temperatures and severe fluctuations in temperature, such as car exhaust pipes, boilers, chimneys, exhaust gas systems, furnaces, exterior surfaces of grill ovens, etc. Thinning: Special thinner 44. Hardening through curing at 200°C.

  • Heat-resistant up to red heat or approx. 600°C
  • Extremely good bonding properties
  • No bonding loss, even with shock cooling
  • Can be topcoated with any high-temperatureresistant silicone resin paint
  • Contains no harmful lead or chromate compounds

usage calculator

Please enter here the surface size in m².
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product data

spreading rate
paint/roll spraying
10-12 m²/ltr.10-12m²/ltr.
item number/shade
item number shade
size of trading unit/box content
size of trading unit box content
125 ml6
375 ml6
750 ml3
2,5 l2