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Marking Applicator/Trolley 753MW

Marking Applicator/Trolley 753MW
Versatile marking cart for 753 marking spray, 756 line marking spray and 761 2K PU industrial marking spray
Marking Applicator/Trolley 753MW

Versatile marking applicator for marking spray 753 and 756. Sturdy steel construction with 4 wheels and a direction arrow. Handle installation possible for right and left hand operation. Also appropriate for double sided edge markings. Spray process possible with one or two cans. Variable line width: 50-120 mm

  • Gradually adjustable line width
  • Robust sheet metal construction
  • Direction arrow for precise marking
  • Suitable with double sided edge markings

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753-Mark1 Schwarz
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suitable products

753 Kronalux® Marking Spray
756 Kronalux® Line Marking Spray
761 Kronalux® 2K-PU-Industry-Markierspray