317 Kronen® Aqua Iso weather protection paint

3 in 1: Primer, insulation and finishing coat

Insulating weather protection for wood-based materials. Aqua Iso weather protection paint offers a very good weather resistance, can be used directly without primer, and fully utilizes the highly effective insulating properties for wood-based materials.

Features of the Aqua Iso weather protection paint:

  • excellent insulation ability for wood-based materials
  • very good weather resistance
  • can be directly applied without primer
  • water soluble
  • can be tinted with common colour tone concentrates within the pastel range
  • plasticiser-free
  • solvent free
  • aromatic-free
  • low odour
  • Coverage: Class 1 at 7 m²/l

Use of the Aqua Iso weather protection paint:

Aqua Iso weather protection pain is the ideal coating for soffits, wooden trims, timber frame and other non-dimensionally-accurate and limited dimensionally-accurate exterior wooden surfaces.

Gloss level:

silk matt.


Limited dimensionally-accurate and non-dimensionally-accurate wooden components, such as fir panels, MDF, OSB, hardboard, other solid woods, plywood, particle board panels, laminated woods.

Exotic woods, as well as oily woods, such as teak, can lead to adhesion difficulties and delayed drying, in these cases, we recommend preliminary tests.

Surface preparation:

Surfaces must be clean, dry, stable, dust-free and grease-free. Clean dirty surfaces beforehand, check adhering old paintwork for suitability and sand it down. For limited dimensionally-accurate and non-dimensionally-accurate wooden components, the wood moisture must not exceed 15 %. The principles of structural wood protection must be complied with, in order to achieve permanent wood protection with coating materials. Preparation and inspection of wood surfaces according to BFS Bulletin No. 18 and the guidelines of VOB, Part C, DIN 18 363, Para. 2 and 3. Anti-blueing impregnation is required on wooden components that are a risk of blueing.

Aqua Iso weather protection paint coating structure:

Sand new wooden components in the direction of the grain, clean thoroughly and remove leaking resins and break sharp edges. Sand down old, untreated wooden components as far as the healthy, stable wood and clean thoroughly. Break sharp edges. Clean coated wooden components thoroughly and sand down. Completely remove non-stable old coatings as far as the stable wood. Prepare zinc surfaces and hard PVC with ammonia-water solution containing a wetting agent according to BFS No. 5 and 22.

2- 3 x Aqua Iso weather protection paint

Drying (20°C/55% r.h.):

dust-dry: ~ 30 min, grip-dry: ~ 40 min, paintable: ~ 4 h, complete drying: ~ 24 h

Tool cleaning:

Clean them immediately with plenty of water and soap.

Storage suitability:

Store in a cool place and protect from frost. Do not store below 5°C. Protect from direct sunlight.

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