096 Kronen® Hard Gloss

2K-PU Sealer for parquet and wooden floors, stairs, including heavily used wooden indoor floors and surfaces of heavy-duty furniture. Highly resistant, good resistance to light, for very high mechanical and chemical stress, very easy handing, resistant to many diluted acids and lyes, gasoline, alcohol and household cleaners.

  • highly resistant
  • very good light resistance
  • for very high mechanic and chemical stress
  • very easy handling
  • resistant to many diluted acids and lyes, gas, alcohol, household cleaner.

usage calculator

Please enter here the surface size in m².
result at a averaged usage from 8 m²/ltr:
per coat of paint
Please consider: the usage values are ca.-values and could varied depending on the constitution of the underground

product data

spreading rate
paint/roll spraying
8 m²/ltr.
item number/shade
item number shade
size of trading unit/box content
size of trading unit box content
660 ml1
2,5 l1