Today, we still admire the great achievements of Italian architecture from ancient times, the Romanesque or even the Renaissance period. We are especially fascinated by the artistic, classy-looking and imaginative wall designs of all these eras. However, only a few enjoy the privilege of living in a Venetian Palazzo or a Roman villa. However, the incomparable atmosphere can be achieved today in every living room.

Healthy living lime products, Italian marble techniques, attractive surface finishing with wax or glaze, complemented by a wide colour selection: With our Villa Venezia product range you can transform any room into a work of art.



The classical Venetian smoothing and putty techniques. Representative interior surfaces have always been finished with marble plaster, in the magnificent Venetian buildings, in the rooms of La Scala in Milan, or in the Potsdam Castle Sanssouci.
Stucco Veneziano – for the original Venetian smoothing technique.
Kronen® Exquisit-Finish – for a fine and shiny metallic surface.
Fresco Veneziano – for the historic lime pressing technique.
Calce Colore – natural lime paint for opaque or translucent coats.


Classic designs in a contemporary interpretation. No question: Creative wall designs are a trend - colours, structures and effects are in demand. With our modern materials it is now possible to efficiently design attractive surfaces in a Mediterranean design.
Antiqua– Tuscan fine lime plaster for naturally velvety walls.
Epoca Marmor – for the noble matte rational lime pressing technique. Also available in a modern concrete look.
Stucco Romano – for the modern rational smoothing technique.
Travertino – decorative mineral fine plaster for a travertine limestone look.
Sabbia– decorative metallic effect coating with a fine sandy structure.


Rustic wall decoration in a cottage style. The spacious Tuscan farmhouses are also referred to as Rustico, with many of them having been lovingly restored residences or exclusive hotels today. Hardly anyone can resist the charm of this quaint rule setting. With Rustico, interior and exterior surfaces can be designed in the popular cottage style quickly and easily. For a little bit of holiday in your own home.
Perfetto Strukturgrund – easy-to-apply coating plaster for structured surfaces.

On these pages you can inform yourself about the countless possibilities offered by the Villa Venezia range. You will learn how you can imitate historical models in just a few steps or create very modern, trendy accents with the same products. We provide a detailed description on how putty techniques or lime pressing techniques are carried out, which work steps are essential for the smoothing technique, and how lime plaster and lime paint have a positive effect on the living climate. We are presenting products to you with which you can easily bring the impression of sandstone and high-quality travertine to the wall. And you will learn how easy it is to achieve modern techniques such as wood and concrete looks, or to set noble metallic accents with our metallic wall paint.

In our user videos we will show you step by step how the individual effects can be achieved. At the same time we would like to provide suggestions and spark the desire to pursue new paths to test all the possibilities. We would be very happy to receive pictures of your creative masterpieces!

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